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Walther P22 Handgun

The Walther P22 handgun is available with 2 different barrel lengths. The 3.4" barrel and the 5" barrel. It is also available in many different finishes.

I'll be reviewing the 5" barrel version. The detailed specifications for the Walther P22 handgun can be found here so I won't repeat that information in this review. So.... Lets get to it!

The Good

Walther P22 Pistol

  • Accurate: As far as accuracy goes, this gun is good. It's not going to drivetacks like a Browning Buckmark or other "target" pistol, but it does a good jobof grouping the shots.

  • Reliable: I've read some other pistol reviews about this gun that talked about some issues with ammunition feeding problems. To be honest, I was expecting to have someof those issues. They were quite convincing pistol reviews! However, I burned through 500 rounds of ammunition of varying manufacturers and I've had absolutely zero feeding issues. Reliability can be summarized in one line: "Walther pistols just work!"

  • Very fun: The Walther P22 handgun is the ultimate "plinker". I've shot many pistols over the years and this one is toward the top when it comes to fun.

The Bad

  • The Safety: I couldn't believe it. Here I am at the range and I fire a shot, pull the trigger a second time and 'click'. This happened several times.

    My first thought was "what is wrong with this ammunition?". After further investigation, it wasn't the ammo at all, it was the gun (specifically the safety). When I'd fire a shot, the safety would flip part of the way down. Just far enough down to keep the hammer from hitting the firing pin on the next pull of the trigger, but not far enough to stay down. When I pulled the trigger and got the 'click', it was knocking the safety back up into the firing position. That made it quite difficult to figure out what was going on. It was quite frustrating too!

    After talking to a local gunsmith, it turns out the Walther P22 handgun is notoriousfor this problem. He gave me something to try that could resolve the issue. When I have the results of this "fix", I'll post it, but I haven't had the chance to try it yet. (See "Safety Update" Below)

  • Re-Assembly: Takedown of the gun for cleaning is a breeze, but I'm a little disappointed with the re-assembly. Without turning this into a tutorial on how to break down and re-assemble the P22, I'll just say Walther designed it so you need an extra "part" to keep the slide spring straight when putting the slide back on. You can find specifics on this if you search YouTube. It's nothing that would prevent me from purchasing the pistol, but it's a nuisance.

The Ugly

  • There is nothing "ugly" about this pistol

Overall Rating

  • 3.5 out of 5


Doing handgun reviews is always fun. Doing a review for the Walther P22 was no exception. This gun was a blast to shoot, accurate, and reliable. The retail price on this gun is $447.00 but can be had for less than that. The only real concern about this pistol one might have is the issue with the safety. Without that issue, this little pistol is easily a 4 out of 5.

Safety Update

I finally got a chance to to the recommended "fix" and try it out. Long story short.. It didn't work. :(

I'm quite disappointed to say the least. This gun was purchased new in October of 2008. That's 4 months of shooting and not INTENSE shooting either. I live in Michigan so my time at the indoor range is limited and split between other pistols. So.. the P22 goes back to the factory and hopefully the issue gets resolved promptly and permanently.

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