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Taurus 24/7 Handgun Review

Taurus 24/7 Pro

The new Taurus 24/7 series of pistols features the highly touted Heinie sights that these Taurus guns are factory equipped with. Other features of this Taurus handgun are a positive firing pin block and transfer bar safety. Taurus also has designed a locking safety system that utilizes a key to lock the pistol out.

This Taurus handgun is available in Standard, Pro and OSS versions and can be had in 9MM, .40 and .45 calibers. This defensive pistol is a full-sized, polymer framed, concealed carry/defensive weapon that was introduced to the civilian market in 2004. It incorporates a ďstrikerĒ fired design vs. the traditional double action hammer setup.

The Pro and OSS versions of these Taurus guns have the Heinie Straight 8 sights while the Standard model uses the more traditional 3 dot system. If you have read reviews on these Taurus handguns and the use of Heinie sights, you will have noticed very mixed reviews. We will address this. It just so happens weíve had a .40 caliber 24/7 Pro Compact in our stable since November, so after several months of shooting the pistol, hereís our handgun review.

The Good

  • Comfortable: The Taurus 24/7 polymer frame has a ribbed finger groove grip that is very comfortable to shoot. Thus Taurus handgun in .40 does comes with both 10+1 and 15+1 magazines. The magazine floor plate is designed as part of the pinky finger groove. Unless you have large hands, grip length is adequate with the shorter 10+1 magazine and ample with the 15+1 magazine. The larger capacity magazine of this handgun has a slip over extension for the magazine and adds a little less than a Ĺ inch to overall grip length. Also, I like the ergonomics of this handgun trigger. For my mid-sized hands, I donít have to stretch for the trigger. The net result is a natural and comfortable grip.

  • Reliable: This is short and sweet...not a single jam yet with this Taurus pistol! For those Taurus nay-sayers out there, this is one well built handgun. The slide has a shorter stroke, however, itís smooth operating. Iíve used different grain loads in both ball and hollow point and the 24/7 handgun hasnít skipped a beat. Iím really liking this pistol!

  • Safety: As stated in other reviews, Iím a fan of lockable safety features. They havenít gotten in my way, and if you keep your defensive handgun outside of your safe and near you (you should!), then a slide lock is a bonus if children or the curious happen upon your pistol. Itís a valuable feature in my opinion. The Taurus 24/7 handgun comes with two hex style keys and the lock is located at the rear of the slide. It works. In addition to that, thereís a transfer bar safety that prevents the gun from firing unless the trigger is pulled. In other words, if you drop it, it wonít fire. Finally, the Taurus 24/7 uses a transfer bar safety so named the Taurus Safety Latch.

  • The Striker: Suffice it to say, Iím a traditionalist. I like hammers. However, in defensive combat, a striker firing system is the way to go. You can teach old dogs new tricks it seems. Whatís appealing to this idea, besides not snagging a hammer on your clothes if you are forced to draw, is the simple function of it. For each pull the trigger, the firing pin strikes the primer. Thatís it. So, if you have a light strike on the primer and your round fails to go off, just pull the trigger again for a second strike. Nice. There is no hammer movement because the striker resides inside the frame. There is a loaded chamber indicator on the slide, so a quick visual check will let you know whether youíre ready to fire or not.

The Bad

  • The Sights: Heinie Straight Eights. I guess I just donít get the concept. These sights are designed to be used as follows: Point of Aim Point of Impact, at 20-25 yards. In simple terms, Dead On.

    These are not designed to be used with a six o'clock hold. What? In other words, block what youíre aiming at with the front sight?! In all the years of shooting Iíve done, itís been a traditional six oíclock hold. Itís ingrained in me. So, now in a stressful situation like self defense, Iím supposed to recall a completely different method of sighting and possibly obscure my target? In reality, these sights canít hit target even with the cockamamie sight picture. I was shooting 6Ē low at combat distance!

    This is a common complaint with the Heinie sights. Itís all over the internet.

    My experience was the same. In addition, I had other enthusiasts shoot this Taurus pistol with the same poor results just to confirm it wasnít me. I understand a factory firearm may not hit a bull out of the box, but 6Ē low at 15 yards at a target I canít see? So, hereís the solution I suggest if you find yourself disappointed with your groupings; replace the sights. I did.

    Williams produces a line called ďFire SightsĒ. These are optical fiber sights that get great reviews. Many 24/7 owners have switched to them with satisfied results. They are less than $50 and can be user installed, although I recommend letting a gunsmith do it. The only downside to these sights is that in a dark environment, they arenít going to help you.

    The other option and the one I chose are Novak Tritium 3 dot night sights. They are pricey, but I think a good investment. Novak sights will run you $147 and they will factory install them for a fee. I took mine to the local smithy and $30 later had useable sights.

    Did they make a difference? Oh yeah. Plus, now I have sights I can use in the dark. I have to say, the major disappointment of this gun was the Heinies. For those of you that use and like them, you have my support and respect.

  • The Trigger: I wouldnít call it crisp and in reality itís a bit mooshy. Itís not terrible, but it does take some getting used to. Because the striker style system uses spring loaded uptake, trigger pull is a tad long and spongy. Yup, mooshy and spongy. Itís not a heavy pull, but itís hard to discern where the trigger breaks until you get used to it. Who knows, maybe thatís a good thing. Should help with flinch Iíd think. Anyway, I imagine as the striker mechanism develops, that will improve.

  • The Manual Safety: It a small thing, but Iíd wish Taurus had made it a little thicker. Itís easy to have your thumb sweep over it and miss catching it, particularly when engaging.

Overall Rating

  • 4.5 out of 5 (once the sights were replaced)


The compact version makes concealed carry much nicer, but itís still a winter carry for me. Under a jacket and it will disappear. In fact, I did carry the Taurus 24/7 over the winter and it was light and easy.

As with any defensive handgun worth its weight, reliability is the key. I have had no issues with the Taurus 24/7 running different ammo. I own and have owned several Taurus firearms and in my opinion this pistol is top shelf and light years ahead of what they once produced. Itís a fine quality handgun. Finally, having 16 rounds of .40 at your side provides needed firepower and security for both home and carry.

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