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Ruger Handguns

Ruger Handguns History

Sturm, Ruger, & Company started back in 1949 through the efforts of Alexander Sturm and William Ruger. They started this company in a rented small machine shop located in the city of Southport, Connecticut. Bill Ruger, prior to this, had managed to duplicate two of the Baby Nambu brand pistols right in his own garage.

He was able to do this because he had acquired a Nambu, a Japanese pistol used in World War II, from a U.S. Marine who had captured it toward the end of the war.

Ruger SR Handgun Even though he did not market any Nambu pistols, Bill Ruger did use the Nambu's rear cocking device.

That along with some other modifications they were able to produce the company's first pistol, the Ruger Standard .22 caliber. The Standard was so popular, it was the springboard that helped to launch the whole company.

They are now the fourth largest manufacturer of firearms in the nation, and is the only firearms manufacturer of shotguns, rifles, revolvers, and pistols.

Today Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. continues to lead the nation in manufacturing of top quality firearms used both for sport as well as investments.

Not only do they continue to manufacture top quality firearms, they also continue to be a positive example in the community. Their motto: "Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens" speaks to their principles they strive to maintain through their reputation for being the maker of quality investment castings and firearms that give you innovation along with value.

Common Features of Ruger Pistols

Ruger pistols are known for reliability, affordability and most of all they are built to last. They put in the latest features, materials, and design options that are demanded by consumers today which is one of the many reasons various government agencies around the world and sportsmen alike have been using Ruger pistols for the last 57 years... and counting!

They also continue to manufacture both centerfire and rimfire handguns.

Centerfire pistols can be purchased in most calibers including, but not limited to: .45 Auto, .40 S&W, 9mm, .357 magnum, and .380 auto.

Rimfire pistols are available in 2 calibers only: .22 or .17. These rimfires are great for hunting small game and target shooting . These handguns are sold in a variety of options including barrel lengths, finishes, sights and grips.

Popular Centerfire Pistols

One of the more popular centerfire pistols is the LCPTM: .380 Auto. These Ruger handguns have all the reliability of the Ruger brand, along with being compact and lightweight to carry. They are just the right size for personal defensive uses.

Another popular centerfire is the SR9: 9mm. These Ruger pistols represent the first time that Ruger has made a striker-fired pistol but you wouldn't know it. Along with it's reliability, this guns slim grip, narrow slide and 17+1 round capacity have made this pistol a must have for Ruger fans worldwide.

Then there is the P-Series .45 Auto pistol. These Ruger handguns give you reliable performance in a caliber most individuals desire. Whether it's the polymer frame of the P345, or the aluminum frame of the P90, this one will not disappoint.

Popular Rimfire Pistols

Probably the single most popular Ruger rimfire pistol is the Mark IIITM. This model shows how they keep improving on the .22 pistols it makes to satisfy the changing demands of the modern user for this pistols ancestor, the Ruger Standard, was the first gun manufactured by Ruger. These guns are rugged, affordable, simple, reliable, and their design has stood the test of time (57 years and counting) which makes them a great value for the sportsmen, plinker or serious target shooter.

The 22/45TM Mark IIITM pistols are another of the rimfire models. These Ruger handguns are virtually identical to the Mark IIITM with the exception of the grip. These pistols have a similar grip angle as the popular 1911 style handguns.

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