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HK P7 9mm Pistols Review

HK P7 9mm pistols

The HK P7 has a distinguished look and an extremely unique design that can be mistaken for no other. This piece is a single action semi-automatic blow-back operated, internal striker fired pistol that is cocked by squeezing the unique grip cocker with approximately 12-14 lbs of pressure.

Once the squeeze cocker is held firmly with approximately 2 lbs of pressure, the pistol fires in exactly the same way as any other single action automatic. When the squeeze cocker is released, the striker is decocked and the weapon will not fire until the squeeze cocker is re-engaged.

HK P7 Design

Even though there is no obvious tactical advantage to this pistol, it is difficult to describe the distinct fascination amongst shooters and enthusiasts with the P7. This design is one of those rare weapons with an irresistible air of mystery that makes a person want to own at least one.

This beautiful firearm uses a fixed, polygonal barrel and a fixed notched iron sight with contrast dots that enable shooting in low-level lighting conditions. This piece if completely ambidextrous, and the two-handed use is enhanced through the use of a profiled and enlarged trigger guard.

The Heckler & Kock P7 received several modifications between 1982 and 1983. These modifications were mainly to address American market demand and shooter preferences. A new magazine release was installed just below the trigger guard. This change forced designers to modify both the pistol's frame and magazine. The trigger guard was equipped with a synthetic heat shield that protects the pistol from excessive heating and a lanyard attachment loop was put in place of the previous magazine heel release. Modifications also resulted in the firing pin and its brushing being changed.

The size of this weapon makes it perfect for carrying. The slide is slim and rounded, which makes it perfect for IWB carry.

HK P7 Design Magazine

The Heckler & Kock P7 is fed from a single-stack box magazine which has a capacity of 8 rounds. The magazine is held inside the firearm's frame with a release located at the heel of the grip.

HK P7 Design Accuracy

The overall accuracy of the Heckler & Kock P7 is second to none. It has rapid target acquisition and complete control through controlled pairs, follow up shots, and double taps.

The trigger of this weapon breaks extremely crisp and clean at approximately 3 pounds. The pull is short and there is no over-travel. Most importantly the reset point and the break point are the exact same point. This makes a huge difference if you shoot from reset, which many people do.


The bottom line is that this pistol is not a range gun or an all day shooter. It is a defensive weapon that is difficult to be beaten. When the size, reliability, accuracy, trigger, ergonomics, etc are taken into account, there are few pistols that can match the Heckler & Kock P7.

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